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Author Carlla Cato

As a child in rural Georgia, Carlla loved nature, especially birds. Thus, she majored in biology and taught at Jeff Davis High School in Hazlehurst. She and her husband, Paul, along with their three children lived in this environmentally rich region of Georgia.

Her home overlooked a large pond abundant with wildlife. About nine years ago, Carlla observed a pair of Canadian geese that seemed to be as interested in her as she was in them.

carlla cato
Each fall, this pair returned for the winter. They became known as Gus and Gertrude. They also became the "owners" of the pond-coming up to be fed and talked to. More like demanding pets, Gus and Gertie formed a very special relationship with Carlla and her family.

Canadian geese are monogamous and hatch their goslings in a safe environment. Carlla was amazed as she watched the parenting skills of Gus and Gertie; they often mirrored those of humans. Sadly, snapping turtles also lived in the pond and would grab goslings from under water. Even though Gus and Gertrude were wonderful parents, they lost several goslings to the turtles.

Carlla's granddaughter, Sara, loved the pond and grew to love Gus and Gertie. She was even allowed to touch the goslings. One gosling, of which she was particularly fond, she named Gerry. One day, Gerry almost got caught by a turtle, but managed to survive. A light bulb went off and Sara said to her grandmother, "MiMi, let's write a book about Gus and Gertrude!" The project was born.

You can reach Carlla at carllac@agaggleofgeese.com

Illustrator Yujeong Ahn

A new illustrator in the United States, Yujeong Ahn was born in Busan, South Korea. She has studied art for several years before moving to Athens, Georgia to study abroad with her artist husband, Sang-Wook Lee. This is her first picture book in the United States. She is currently living in Milledgeville, Georgia with Sang-Wook, her two sons, and a hound.

yujeong ahn

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